Invest in new Ski Resort – Stara Planina

Stara planina is the biggest mountain in the East Serbia and presents one of the most important natural beauties in the country. Although still “unrevealed”, it belongs to the group of the main tourist centers and destinations, and as such, it is ranked as a priority tourist offer of Serbia.

This mountain resort has indisputable potential for development of both winter and summer tourism. The climate of Stara planina is continental-mountain with snow covering during five months of the year. It is an exceptional potential for development and construction of world standard ski resorts.

Endless Blue Inc has  been following development of this beautiful resorts from the day 1.

We can help you with acquiring premium land parcels (small or large), transfer of ownership, licences, development…

Stara Planina HotelStara Planina HotelStara Planina GondolaStara Planina Gondola

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